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Offered by KenJinn Bakery
Offered by KenJinn Bakery
Any Bun buy 3 get 1 FREE! No pork no lard!
With COEs going through the roof and inflation getting higher and higher, we at Klar Details knows the pain! Thus, for the month of April 2022, Klar Details is offering 20% on ALL of our Exterior and Interior Service!
Offered by Washlah
Offered by Washlah
Promo Deal - Service that covers what is needed to bring your car back to it's fresh looks.
$ 388.00
$ 300.00
Offered by Advanti Centre
Offered by Advanti Centre
Paste our Advanti Centre decal today to enjoy $10 off per tyre & Enjoy FREE tyre rotation/ balancing!
paste our tourador tyres white sticker to enjoy $10 off each tyres and entitle to enjoy lifetime free tyre patching services in shop or onsite too! Those car with tourador tyres & sticker on car when doing rotation will only be $10 .
Offered by Lambency Detailing
Package included: – Pest Fumigation (Anti-Pest) – Interior Cabin Vacuum – SONAX Glass Cleaner – Hospital Grade Sanitisation (Anti-Viral) – Nano Mist Fumigation (Anti-Mold) – SONAX Car Breeze
$ 256.00
$ 128.00
We are going crazy this time round! 6 bottles of Hydrobeads Quick Coating at just $75! Usual price is $25 per bottle of 500ML each.
$ 150.00
$ 75.00